training and from abseiling to sword fighting – leaving your team highly motivated with a "CAN DO" attitude.

We help you to achieve individual and team success

Your team will be trained by our professional stunt action performers with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. You’ll take part in your very own action movie, filmed by us and yours to keep.

We’ll stage this once in a lifetime day at the world famous Pinewood Studios, including a short back lot tour at the home of world-class film and television productions. Or, if you prefer, we’ll come to you. Just let us know where you want us, and we’ll arrange a suitable nearby venue.

Talk to us about what kind of themed day you’d like and about what you want to achieve with your staff. Then we’ll put together activities and a day to remember.

Understanding, cooperation and timing. Knowing what the other person needs to perform their role in harmony with you and the rest of the team…

Sounds like what you need at work? Well, that’s precisely what stunt action performers need and do every day.

Stunt Action Specialists' unique corporate stunt training day will leave your team with a lasting memory of what it takes not only to be a stunt action performer but to work with each other through the process.

Tailored to your company's needs, we can offer a host of skills to practice, from unarmed combat to firearms  

Discover the secrets of the trade from some of the industry’s leading stunt performers. Learn the techniques of movie-style unarmed combat and receive weapons training. Then take part in your very own action movie – yours to keep and relive.

Can’t come to Pinewood? No problem. We’ll come to you! We’ll bring our mobile stunt workshop to a suitable venue anywhere in the UK.

be hit by a sugar-glass bottle or fire a semi-automatic weapon and to be your very own "Fall-Guy"? Well wonder no more, as Stunt Action Specialists will produce an exclusive training day at the world famous Pinewood Studios.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be an action hero or heroine,

For more information please visit the Multi-Media section of the website or simply click on the icon to download The Stunt Action Day PDF.

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