Ah, the skills at arms of the medieval knight! No one can match the speed and dexterity with which our performers will amaze everyone as they join swords for chivalry's sake.

Whether a single duel for the honour of a lady or a competition with many brave warriors aiming for the prize of King's Champion, our swordsmen will battle to deliver the spectacle you need to make your event extra special.

With over 25 years’ experience in providing fighting knights at countless venues all over the world,

Stunt Action Specialists is the leader in the battlefield with a reputation for providing the best of dazzling sword fights.

Come, good sirs, and let us transport your guests back through the centuries with a clash of steel that cannot be beaten. Indeed, such fighting of legends!

Cry Havoc and let slip The dogs of war

For more information please visit the Multi-Media section of the website or simply click on the icon below to download The Battling Knights PDF.

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