Let SAS take you back 2,000 years to the days of the blood and sand of the Roman amphitheatres where gladiators fought and died for the entertainment of emperors and the mob alike.

Your guests can watch as our Retiari, Thracians, Secutors and Amazons clash weapons in the arena in a fight for their lives, all to the cheer of the crowd.

From the best fighters in the finest armour to the condemned criminals and barbarians from around the Empire,

SAS brings the speed, spectacle and the

brutal skill of these

deadly warriors to life

right before your eyes.

Carpe Diem! With SAS providing the action, you can be assured the legions are entertained.

Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

For more information please visit the Multi-Media section of the website or simply click on the icon below to download The Gladiator PDF.

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